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Afghan Caretaker Government: The shortcut to peace and democracy in Afghanistan, Recommendation for the Afghan People, Government and Taliban, Noor Rahman Liwal    پښتو فارسی
2020-07-02 Solar 1399-04-12
In Afghanistan, the lack of trust is the biggest problem of the people, government and politicians. This problem compels them to be skeptical of others and only focus on themselves, family, friends and their own tribes. This problem of mistrust compels all Afghans, in particular politicians, to fall to the conspiracies of foreigners that trap them to serve foreign interests, which deprives politicians of the support and cooperation of their own people. Eventually leaving the politicians and the nation in a miserable situation. At this time, the nation, government and politicians, whether they are inside the government or outside as militant or opposition, are facing enormous challenges. They are in a big conflict, while fighting each other and are willing to sacrifice their lives in the trenches but are not able to forgive their brothers, resulting in injustice for all Afghans. For Afghans, the biggest achievement would be to create an environment of trusting each other. Such a trustworthy environment can be achieved by a political settlement that is acceptable to all sides; the process of achievement is clean from fraud and corruption; it is a legal and political norm; created quickly, simply and economically, because of the many past failures, Afghans are exhausted of the decade-long processes on the pretext of peace, development and good governance. I am proposing an Afghan Caretaker Government, that is acceptable to all and call upon all compatriot countrymen to further fortify it in the light of the Afghan values and Afghan managed process. The structure of the Caretaker Government A structure that can be created quickly and is norm in international laws and politics; can take afghans through a shortcut to permanent peace and democracy; it is only the creation of an Afghan Caretaker Government, that is acceptable to the three important parties i.e. the people of Afghanistan, Kabul government and the Taliban, to end their hostilities in such a manner that no one surrenders or is considered a loser. First party, the people of Afghanistan: The people of Afghanistan should be given the right to nominate 300 independent candidates as their representatives for the Caretaker President and the Caretaker Government. These candidates should have the credential and were not part of the last 40 years conflicts. In view of the current situation a tribal supported nomination will be appropriate. Tribe carried volunteer process of selection will be first on sub-tribe level and leading to the tribe supported nomination.Also the nomination can be achieved through political parties, civil society and other institutions. But the tribal solution will be more acceptable to the people. Remember that the Afghanistan tribal system is stronger than government and political parties.
Second party, the Kabul Government: The politically agreed government of Dr. Ghani and Abdullah consist of parties who have been part of the government and in country fighting for the past 19 years. Their claim of good governance, democracy and justice has failed! They should nominate 150 candidates to represent them for the Caretaker President and the Caretaker Government. Third party, the Taliban: The Taliban have been fighting for the last 30 years, demanding Afghanistan to be an Emirate, a form of political Islam based on sharia. Taliban should nominate 150 candidates of their choice for the Caretaker President and the Caretaker Government. If they win, they can announce an Emirate. The number of candidates of the first party, people of Afghanistan, is twice the number of the other two parties. Because the Taliban and the Kabul government are both accused of fighting for their group interests and have other difficulties. This will build the confidence of nation on the process. Electing the President of the Caretaker Government As conducted for the appointment of the commissioners of the electoral bodies in 2019. Under a free and open election, 600 candidates will contest the election among themselves. Every Caretaker Presidential candidate will have two votes, one to vote for themselves and the other vote must be used for another candidate of their choice. In the end, whoever wins the majority of votes, wins as the Caretaker Government President. The Caretaker President shall form the cabinet of ministers, governors and other important political positions based on equal percentage from the remaining candidates of the three main parties. The elections should be held in secure locations. Under the security and assurance of international community, but the election management shall be independently led, managed and administered by the Caretaker Presidential candidates themselves. The Caretaker Government The Caretaker Government shall change the executive branch of the government completely and bring it under control. In the legislative branch of the government, on the ratio of the current representatives, one-third of the Taliban representative should be added. The upper house of representative had their terms expired many times, but the senators still exist. The current upper house should be dissolved, and their members are the best nominees for the Caretaker President in quota of the Kabul government. After the Caretaker President is elected, election will be conducted from the remaining candidates for filling the upper house. After one year, to complete the upper house, elections of provincial counsels will be conducted to complete the legislative body. Taliban should be appointed as one-third of all high-ranking official of defense and national forces. As per their capabilities, the Talib militant shall be appointed in the national army and police. Also, one-third of the judiciary, should be appointed from the Taliban.
The Caretaker Government shall bring changes and improvements in the election and other laws within the first year. In the second year, provincial council elections will be conducted to complete the other half of the legislative body. In the third year, presidential elections will be conducted. After the successful conduct of the election, the Caretaker Government, will handover authority to the new government with the right of only one term of seven years governance. Because second term government was always disastrous in Afghanistan. On the sixth year, that government will conduct the elections and hand over the power to the next government. Based on my perception and the realities of the Afghanistan situation, this is the most logical and easy way out of the current dilemma, this will be a win-win situation for all. Also, the adaptation of Caretaker Government will create a legal and constitutional framework to institutionalize formation of an impartial government in uncertain situations to take over failed governments like the National Unity Government (NUG) of 2019. The NUG term was ending and intentionally not conducting presidential elections to remain in power. Remember that Afghanistan’s current laws can empower a group to reach government power but there is no legal way to end it if incapable to govern. Now if Dr. Ghani and Dr. Abdullah are assuming that Taliban will follow the footsteps of the Hezb Islami to peace, it is impossible because many members of Hezb Islami were already part of the government that was created under the Bonn Agreement. If today a few Taliban members follow the Hezb Islami path, the majority may not and fighting will continue. If the Taliban are assuming that they can bring down the current government like that of Dr. Najibullah, it will require a long period of time, sacrifices, might not be entirely possible to do so and once again, the fighting will continue. Therefore, we call upon the Taliban and Kabul government, in order to save lives and resources of their friends, and the people of Afghanistan to consider accepting the creation of a Caretaker Government proposed in these recommendations. It is worth mentioning in Afghanistan, that the Caretaker Government was first recommended to the people, government and presidential candidates under the title "Short and Long Ways Out of the Crisis of the National Unity Government end in 2019”. See Chapter 2 of my book “Caretaker Government” for more information. Please do not confuse the Caretaker Government with the interim government. Both are separate forms of governance. Having governance laws without the provision of the Caretaker Government is a mockery of democracy and opening ways for grand political corruption.